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That's how I feel every time I step foot in our village. Humbled because I get to be a part of the Love Haiti team again and again, walking the path that God set me on. Even after having made so many trips back to see our Haitian family, it still feels like the first time I was there. Driving the road to the village yelling, "We're back!" out of the van window, seems like a contrite statement in my mind and I can hardly keep tears from falling onto my cheeks when I see everyone running to see us. As I am searching the village to see familiar faces, my heart is beating faster and its screaming, "Oh, how I have missed you all!" With the language barrier - albeit we are getting better at communicating - all I can muster through hugs and kisses is, "Koman ou ye?"

This place, these people, these children... They show us friendship, unconditional love, and they are always accepting of us. They make us feel like we belong there. We do. God says so and there is a pure feeling of joy being in Marmont with them. I learn so much from them. Our "family" are a people who are simply focused on living for Jesus. Being His hands and feet, providing for their families as best they know how. They allow us to invade their space, for just a few days every couple of months, and it is incredible to see their love in action.

On our last trip, we were able to start some projects that will continue to help our littles to go to school with less distractions by making classroom dividers with curtains. We also built some more desks, were able to update current students' information, and added another class. We were also honored to celebrate Mother's Day and see how each Mom is cherished by her family and community. We had the pleasure of listening to our National Anthem be played on borrowed instruments. I cried it was so beautiful.

It's stuff like that that hits you deep inside. Sharing common threads of life, connecting us through not only the blood of Jesus, but through the love and respect they have for us, as we do them. It's how I feel knowing that Jesus sacrificed His life for me, sharing His love with me. They love like Him, and I am unworthy. That's why I go back again and again. I love knowing I have made a difference in their lives, but, I love knowing they have made such a huge difference in mine. I am humbled.

[Written by LHP Board Member, Ronda Kyler]

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